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Cleanliness Levels of Men and Women

By Sarah 0 Comment March 13, 2019

            The article “Down and Dirty: Do Men and Women Perceive Cleanliness Differently?” tries to understand whether there is a difference when it comes to the cleanliness levels of men and women. According to the literature review essay, men are less tidy as compared to women. A workplace for men has more bacteria while that for women has fewer bacteria; however, this is not always the case as some men are tidier, but very few of them. This is explained from a biological perspective in the manner in which our brain works. Researchers explain that the brain of women is designed to concentrate on fine details of all aspects such as color. Their brain is superior to that of the male gender; this explains why women will pay attention in ensuring the house is clean, the environment they work in is tidy and even on their personal grooming (McNamee 48).

            Men, on the other hand, are able to make better judgment from a distance. This activity of the brain is explained as result of the division of roles that happened in the early centuries. Men were involved in hunting and gathering, while women would make decisions such as the type of mushroom that was healthy for eating. They were also involved in house chores and gained the ability to notice dirt while men did not. The biological differences hence explain why men are not likely to be bothered by dirt or working in untidy environments. A man’s brain does not discern that the area needs to be cleaned up or arranged. On the other hand, the brain of females functions in a way they discern dirt; this explains why in most offices you find the women’s desks very neat and tidy as compared to those of men. However, there are exceptions in each scenario where some men are trig while other females are not well-groomed and even dirty.

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