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Top Tips for Writing a Great Essay on Gender Equality

By Sarah 0 Comment April 25, 2019

Essay writing is something you can’t escape if you’re in college. Regardless of the field, you’re studying, at one point you will be asked to write a paper on a certain subject. If that subject is gender equality, then you will have some work to do, as it’s not the easiest subject. It would be easy to say something wrong and offend somebody, hence why it’s essential to be extremely careful with this topic.

Sure, there are many “write my essay” services, but if the topic interests you and you want to write it yourself, some guidance won’t do any harm. Here is what you should and shouldn’t do when dealing with a gender equality essay.

Write a Good Introduction

The introductory paragraph is very important as it’s the most attention-grabbing part. When writing on this topic, the introduction should tell what gender equality means and what your essay is going to cover regarding the matter.

Don’t write a long introduction that will bore the reader to death. Keep it simple and precise, and only mention what’s relevant to your essay. Let the readers know what they’re about to find out by reading your paper.

Come Up with Good Points

After you’re done with the introduction, here comes the part where you will come up with arguments and try to answer the question set by the title and introductory paragraph. It’s the largest part of the whole paper and the one featuring the most information.

However, it’s essential to remember that you shouldn’t just slap a large text and call it quits. It’s essential to segment the content into sections, each focusing on one main idea, so the reader can slide through it much easier and will know what to concentrate on.

When writing about gender equality, some of the things you might want to cover during this part are:

  • Gender equality in the workplace – Inequality is probably the most obvious in the workplace. Usually, even if both genders have the same job, in some situations one of them is discriminated and paid less, despite doing the same thing. You can try to cover this aspect and say how equality can be obtained.
  • The importance of gender equality – You can try to explain why it’s so important to have equality between genders and maybe even exemplify with real-life events
  • Can equality between genders exist? – At the end of the body section, you can answer whether equality can be obtained or not and come up with strong arguments for your answer.

Have Unbiased Opinions

Having your gender makes it easy to blame the other for your misfortune. Don’t try to use this opportunity to write about this topic as a way to put the other in a bad light and slander it. It will only cause controversy and negativity, so ensure your ideas are unbiased and you’re able to construct sentences in a good way.

Write a Fitting Conclusion

At the end of the essay, write a conclusion by summarizing the ideas you’ve made during the paper, and remind the reader about how you’ve answered their curiosity. Don’t ramble – keep it short and end it in a nice manner.

Final Thoughts

Writing about gender equality can quickly turn into a disaster if you take the side of one gender and blame the other for your discrimination. Therefore, it’s important to know how to properly formulate this essay so things stay peaceful and you let the readers understand the importance of gender equality. Use the tips in this article, and your essay should come out good and unbiased.

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