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35 Tips For Freelance Writers To Earn A Lot

By Sarah 0 Comment July 19, 2022

Believe It is easy to believe you can’t make any money writing, because with writing, everyone is doing it…blogging, microblogging, and self-publishing. So the first thing you have to do is BELIEVE that you can make money writing. The second thing you need to do is BELIEVE your writing is worth money, a lot of […]

36 High-Paying Jobs With Little Schooling (With Salary Information)

By Sarah 0 Comment July 19, 2022

27 Of the Highest Paying Jobs with Little Schooling The cost of a traditional college degree is one of the biggest contributors to both personal debt and Family stress. Even worse, many of those with traditional degrees are not working in their degree fields because of a lack of openings and their preferred fields or […]

Is a Freelance Career Right For You? How to Determine if Freelancing is Viable

By Sarah 0 Comment July 1, 2022

The New Millionaires: Establishing a Lucrative Freelance Career We consulted with some of the highest earners (mid-six-figures or more) in the Toptal network on the current landscape of freelancing, traits of high-performing freelancers, and how remote talent can create lucrative freelance careers on their terms. When the words “remote freelancer” first shimmied their way into […]

Education System Profiles

By Sarah 0 Comment July 1, 2022

Spanish Education System The Spanish education system is supported by the national government and the individual governments of each of the 17 autonomous regions in Spain. Elementary (primary) and middle (secondary) school in Spain are compulsory and free for all children between the ages of 6 to 16. After finishing secondary education, students will be […]

Interview Question: What Is Your Work Style? (With Example Answers)

By Sarah 0 Comment May 25, 2022

To determine your working style , you can also think about how you communicate (written versus verbal, listening versus talking), how you deal with conflict (confrontative versus avoidant) and how you go through your day (very planned out versus “winging it”). You can even take a personality test like the DISC Assessment to help you […]

Core Values in Business

By Sarah 0 Comment May 10, 2022

To better understand the importance of company core values, let’s consider Zappos as an example. Zappos is a company well-known for intentionally cultivating its (zany, creative) corporate culture to attract and retain committed staff and raving fans . To create its company culture, Zappos developed 10 core values (including “create fun and a little weirdness”), […]

Social Anthropology

By Sarah 0 Comment January 20, 2020

In almost all anthropological writings and discussions, one of the most commonly mentioned words is family, and yet none of them have portrayed a clear and concise meaning. The complex nature of family carries with it a multitude of a sense of connection and relatedness. For some individuals, a family may refer to close member/kin […]

Top Tips for Writing a Great Essay on Gender Equality

By Sarah 0 Comment April 25, 2019

Essay writing is something you can’t escape if you’re in college. Regardless of the field, you’re studying, at one point you will be asked to write a paper on a certain subject. If that subject is gender equality, then you will have some work to do, as it’s not the easiest subject. It would be […]

10 Businesswomen Who Should Be on Your Radar

By Sarah 0 Comment April 6, 2019

It is undoubtedly true that our voices as women have already been heard and that the efforts are finally bearing fruits. Women are making great strides in their work, and this includes women of all types even women of color. 2018 has been a year of more successes and more achievements. There is a cataclysmic […]

Bedrock or High-Risk: Which Type of Entrepreneur are You?

By Sarah 0 Comment March 25, 2019

Retailers are generally bedrock entrepreneurs; fast-track Silicon Valley startups are generally high-risk entrepreneurs. These two examples should give you good clues about the two types of entrepreneurs and their mindsets. It’s like the difference between the tortoise and the hare in the famous fable. Except, in entrepreneurship, both the tortoise and hare can be winners. […]