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Sarah and Rebecca are Christ followers. They founded She Shares Ministries to create a place of connection with women – online, on the air, and in person – where authentic Christian friendships can flourish. No gossip. No games. Just grace, peace, and restoration. And Jesus. Always, always Jesus.  Read about their story here.

She Shares Founders:

Rebecca Barth is the co-founder of She Shares Ministries, LLC. While she loves to take pen to paper regularly here and as a guest writer at numerous other websites, she prefers to have a microphone in her hand.  Since embarrassing herself publicly comes naturally for her, she does it often for church women’s events and corporate meetings.  She has worked as a corporate speaker and trainer for the last 7 years.

Toastmasters Speech Awards line her mantle from the Club, Area, Division, and District levels.  These trophies are not only something of which Rebecca is proud, but they also come in handy to kill spiders as needed.

Rebecca enjoys hanging out with her husband, whom she grows more in love with every day (even though he does try to claim that he is the real source of any funny material in the Barth house).  She has two rejoicing kiddos who enjoy dancing to 80’s music with her in the living room.  Because of a wonderful, amazing God who took a proud woman into His cleansing arms, Rebecca also loves to hang out reading the Book with her Father as well.

Connect with Rebecca: [email protected]

Sarah Harmony-Powell is the co-founder of She Shares Ministries, LLC.  It’s Just A Little Gossip…Letters of a Broken Friendship is her first book.  Sarah, who loves to cook, knew that her story did not need to “kick it up a notch,” as it was already spicy enough!  She is thrilled to share her story in hopes that others can learn and grow from it.

When she’s not cooking up a unique meal plan, Sarah warms the heart as author of independent devotionals here at She Shares.  She is passionate about her mission to encourage and uplift women through her own life experiences (the good, the bad and the ugly) and Christian faith.

Sometimes, women need more than chocolate (shocking!). They need sweet words of inspiration as well. To that end, Sarah continually strives to bring comfort, encouragement, inspiration and hope to her readers.  She also has devotionals featured at the online Christian women’s magazine Incourage – Home For The Hearts Of Women as well as at 

When Sarah isn’t writing, she is likely reading a good book, coordinating outreach projects, volunteering her time, and, best of all, living life with her husband and three beautiful daughters. She enjoys spending time outdoors in the gorgeous Rocky Mountains, traveling, cooking (naturally!), and entertaining friends and family.

Connect with Sarah: [email protected] 

 She Shares Team

Holly Myers is the fabulous event coordinator for She Shares Ministries.  We are all about connection, and Holly is a born connector.  She takes our vision of connecting women and brings it to life through amazingly designed events and outreach projects. If you come to one of our events, you can be sure that Holly has perfectly arranged each detail with you in mind.

If you have ideas for events or want to sponsor an event with services, location, or finances, feel free to contact Holly directly at [email protected].