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It’s Just a Little Gossip… Letters of a Broken Friendship

By Rebecca Barth & Sarah Harmony-Powell

“I am crushed. Crushed, crushed, crushed!

I can’t stop running through the events in my head. It’s a broken record, skipping over and over and over in my brain….

Due to a technical malfunction (baby monitor owners, beware!), I was able to be a fly on the wall…accidentally. Then, I heard my friends. Talking about me! And not to sing my glory, oh no…

Yes, I eavesdropped. I couldn’t stop! Once I realized what was happening – that I was listening to gossip about myself – it was like a drug! And boy, I was overhearing some painful words.

I thought she was my friend.

Nice. Really nice.”

Can two women torn apart by gossip choose restoration over resentment? Peace over pride? Eavesdrop on the true story of Rebecca and Sarah expressed through their diaries as they discover that only God could ever reunite their friendship. But will He?

Which relationships should you leave behind and which should you heal? This devotional study on the taboo subject of gossip will have you thinking and re-thinking your ideas of friendship, grace, and the healing power of God.

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